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City of Endless

by Milo Hastings

A Voyage to

by David Lindsay


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Secrets of Selparis
by Sam Winters

Science Fantasy; 536 pgs.

Gaining her captainship by inheriting a trader ship from her grandfather, Emily Pierce is quickly written off as incompetent, even by some members of her crew. When events conspire to place her in the middle of a race to a mysterious world, she finds herself pursued by powerful enemies. The course to Selparis is a trial by fire, but also one of fascinating discovery, and along the way Emily learns of her own hidden talents.

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City of Endless Night
by Milo Hastings

Dystopian SciFi; 234 pgs.

A pioneering anti-Utopian novel, City of Endless Night was written in the wake of the First World War, and reflected a view of German culture driven by wartime propaganda. Despite this, it managed in 1920 to predict many facets of the Nazi regime and similar authoritarian systems that developed throughout the twentieth century. Like George Orwell’s 1984, it reminds us of the perils of favoring security and perfection over freedom and human rights.

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arcturus cover
A Voyage to Arcturus
by David Lindsay

Philosophical SciFi; 266 pgs

A philosophical fantasy using the lands of a new world to explore philosophies, A Voyage to Arcturus seeks the answers to the ultimate questions of existence. And there are answers, though the path carved out by David Lindsay is not an easy one. Like Stranger in a Strange Land and A Brave New World, Lindsay’s work shows us the extraordinary promise of science fiction - the opportunity it affords us to examine reality.

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